Eye Hospital


The Samanala Valley Foundation is a charitable trust consisting of a charity eye care hospital, a sustainable tea estate and an English language school.


We are a privately registered Charitable Trust and NOT an NGO – with a special designation granted by the Sri Lankan government.


The Trust Author does everything anonymously because he believes that what is done is what matters. Not who does it. 


The hospital specialises in cataract surgery at no cost to the patients, with all staff working entirely for free on a voluntary basis.  The ethos behind the project is that of ‘helping hands from across-the-sea’. 

The Samanala Valley Foundation also has a non-profit English language school based in the capital city of Colombo with over 10,000 students graduating so far.



Some of the world’s finest Eye Surgeons both from Sri Lanka and all over the world come with their requisite teams to provide cataract and minor eye surgery and the necessary follow up care, free of charge.

All specialist medical work is done voluntarily by qualified staff and administrative helpers, a part of which is made up from the donor’s extended family. The hospital boasts some of the best medical equipment in the country, some purchased by the foundation and some donated through acts of kindness on the part of various individuals around the world - inspired by what we do.

The ethos behind the project is to provide for those in need, and equally provide a place where people can participate and have the opportunity to extend their technical and social experience through an act of personal donation, the accent here is on the ‘personal’.  The project has always been open to those with the required experience and goodwill to join us in changing the lives of the underprivileged.

The challenge of curing preventable blindness in countries like Sri Lanka is an ongoing one. It must be stressed that Sri Lankan medical services are very good and their doctors outstanding. However, they do have a shortage of medical practitioners and lack modern equipment in the outlying areas. Cataract surgery is life changing for each and every one of our patients. We are appealing to any Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons who might be mindful of these problems in developing countries and would like to offer their time and expertise for whatever period of time they can spare, to join us in trying to make a difference. We are not asking for money, we are asking for your goodwill through personal skills and expertise in this field if you can spare the time.



The hospital is located in the central hills of the island in one of the most economically deprived regions of the country.

Income here is generated from primary commodity exports like Tea and Rubber. These industries have been in steady decline due to aggressive competition from other developing regions in the world and the increase in input costs.

The area is still relatively unspoiled and pristine with some of the most beautifult forests, rivers and waterfalls in the island.


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Charitable Foundation Registration in Sri Lanka Gazette Notification No: 883/9 09.08.95